BBC team kit order

Anna Swiet

We have re-opened the team kit orders for those of you who asked to order.
The design is the current white/black/red w/black dots.
It is available in men's and women's sizing.
There will be a new design available in the future but for now this is the only one available to order.

The process is simple: 
- use the link and password below to get into the Verge Team Store
- create an account for yourself which will only be used by you to order and pay (mandatory)
- choose your items - jerseys ,bibbs, etc (they will be printed in our team design)
- finish shopping and pay
- kit will be delivered directly to you in a few weeks

Here is the direct link:

Pass Word = BBCW 

Here is a link to a "how to" video (in case you get confused)

 The sizing might runs 'small' so check with your fellow riders for feedback before ordering.
This is a custom order, items are not returnable for credit.

Good luck.
(Most problems with ordering are "user error" related) but I'll help if you need help.