Wahoo Smart Trainers In Stock!

Mike Page

Hey Club,

I wanted to give the club a heads up that Wahoo Smart trainers are in stock! As some of you know supply is still very limited on most things cycling and we wanted to make sure the club got first dibs. We have all three models available and all the accessories to boot. Our demo station is up and running if you would like to swig by and try one out. 

We will be hosting a Wahoo Demo Night open to the public in late September/Early October. If you want the full rundown.

Here are the club discounts on Wahoo Trainers.
Kickr: $1200  $1079.99
Kickr Core: $900  $809.99
Kickr Snap: $500 $449.99
Kickr Climb: $600 $539.99
Kickr Headwind: $250 $224.99

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Mike Page

Village CycleSport

234 W. Northwest Hwy

Barrington, IL