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Carol Curtis

So happy!! Amazing!!

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While overall records were not within reach my younger brother (he’s 57) did break three age group (50 plus) world records for an outdoor velodrome this morning at Northbrook. You my recall he also held (multiple times) the 100 mile road record. Broken several times by him right here in Illinois (Kane County) and a couple times in AZ. I double dog dare anyone in our group to beat 3:49 on that course.


As Ruben will attest at the 100 mile mark he got off the bike for 5 minutes, got on a non-aero bike (my old LiteSpeed Ultimate) for an easy 5 mile spin [ummm yeah that’s a bunch of times around the 382 meter track], then stopped for another 5 minutes switched front wheels on his track bike and then resumed to go to 200k (another 24x miles).


200k on the Northbrook Velodrome which is 382 meters is a little less than 524 times around…. Whew..


He surpassed (once approved) three age records for an outdoor velodrome:



Current age group – 2:47

Today, needs to be approved – 2:29


100 miles

Current age group – 4:33 (oddly enough the 60-69 is faster [4:27])

Today, needs to be approved – 4:07 (consider this crushed)



Current age group – 5:48

Today, needs to be approved – 5:25


Here’s the web site”


If you peruse this keep in mind the “type” of bicycle. And effort…. Solo, tandem, HPV, Recumbent… and standard (i.e. rode / track bike). Dan rode a track bike and my ole road bike (briefly).


Special thank to Jin for the PICs. Ruben has a few short videos he texted me. Feel free to “Replay All” and attach.



PBM (aka Mike McGehee)




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