Re: Jr to do Everest Climb today! WTF!!

Carol Curtis

I am speechless at all of the above and who is this woman? Can’t wait for the results!


On May 31, 2020, at 8:27 AM, Tom Craig <photom63@...> wrote:

Wow-that's insane! Best of luck to Jr!

On Sun, May 31, 2020 at 7:12 AM Tom Snitzer <snitzoid@...> wrote:
Snitz Jr and his fiance* are doing something called "Everesting" today, sponsored to raise money for Atlanta's Grady Hospital and Denver's Craig Hospital.  Folks around the world have apparently been attempting to climb 29,000 vert ft in one day (the equiv of climbing to the top of Everest from sea level). 

Snitz is using a climb in Northern Georgia, which has an average grade of 10%.  Apparently it will take 24 laps to total the 29,000 ft.  They picked the route because it has an efficient steady rate of climb(steep enough to eliminate much wind drag) and a straight nontechnical decent.  Also, the ratio of climbing to recovery is 20 mins up/4 mins down.  Not too many laps, short enough recovery to avoid muscles getting cold.

The route is shaded and today's temps are favorable (57 at today's 6am start, high 78).

They have several friends helping support them at the base.  Interesting their calculation of food required and hydration for the event that's estimated at about 10 hours (w luck).  A friend who's is a sports nutritionist and had them ride, weigh themselves on some rides and record their fluid intake.  The idea was to calculate their sweat rates to estimate how much fluid they need to inject to avoid losing more than 3-4 lbs of body weight on the ride.  Ergo, dehydration isn't that hard to avoid on a 2-4 hour ride, but when climbing for 10 hours...different story.  Critical that they stay hydrated and get sufficient nutrients.

Fingers crossed.  Hope to shoot out some Strava data this evening.  

*Is Jim's fiance up to this crazy challenge?  Will she keep up...err...she's the 2019 winner of US Collegiate Cycling Championship.


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