Re: pain cave is what you make it


Hahahaha.  I love this!!!!!

On Tue, Mar 24, 2020, 7:32 PM Anna Swiet via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Sorry about the prior email without comments, my fingers were itchy

We too have a basement cave set up (with a few extra items)

     - First, and foremost, we are well prepared with the critical hydration bar for that parched feeling after pedaling, a few minutes at least, don't want to sound like a lush

    - Overview shot showing the set up with a spare bike in case of a crash, kinda like the Tour without the real stuff, know what I mean?

    - Wahoo Climb unit- super fun but be careful on the downhill turns

    - Wahoo Headwind Fan - best 5 cents (or more) ever spent.  It works with your heart rate- the harder you breathe, the faster get the idea, right. Also works great for hot flashes. I will be moving it to the bedroom soon

    - Proper shoes - decisions, decisions

    - Daylight and fresh air window access. The window has been kept locked to force the local Peeping Tom to keep his 'social distance'

See you soon my friends


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