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Tom Cramer

Thanks for this info Jon,


It did make the virtual ride a little more real like chatting and huffing and puffing with you guys J


Tom Cramer


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I would highly recommend setting up a chat server using Discord.  We did this for Sunday’s ride and it was great to be able to just talk to each other while riding.  It’s one more piece of technology to try and implement but once you do it, it becomes easy.  You create an account, log in and then the ride leader would create a server (really a channel) for everyone to connect to.  Connect to that and then enable voice and you can all chit chat while riding.


Works well.



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For the women of BBC, I've been hosting weekly women's rides virtually via Zwift if you'd like to join. We just need to be following each other in Zwift for me to invite you (my screen name is Sheri Rosie). It's my way to keep the women's group motivated and distracted for an hour or so. The course changes each week for variety.

  • Tuesday nights @ 6-710pm  - Banded together but you can go as hard or as easy as you wish
  • Friday nights @ 5:30-630pm - This is a Happy Hour and Trivia ride. Banded together like Tuesday night so go hard or easy. During the ride I ask Trivia questions and you respond via the Companion app messenger. We don't ask what's in your water bottle. It was a blast last Friday night and working on more trivia questions.


For those who are uneasy about hosting a Meetup in Zwift, it is easy. Below are some tips I gave my women and this article is helpful.

  1. Download the Zwift Companion App on your smartphone
  2. Accept the Meet up ride in advance AND before you log into Zwift to start your ride
  3. The day of the Zwift Meet up, start riding about 15 min before the scheduled start. You can do this in any world. Warm up your legs.
  4. 3-5 min before the scheduled Meetup, you will see a pop up to join the Meetup, just like it does when joining an event.
  5. Do NOT be late. Meet ups do not allow you to join after it starts. Only events let you join late
  6. My meet up rides have everyone banded together. This means you can pedal really hard or you can just do a very easy recovery ride. You just can't stop pedaling or you will get dropped.
  7. At the start of the ride your avatar will be on the side of the road on a stationary trainer until the Meet up begins
  8. During the meet up, everyone who is in our group will be highlighted in green along the right hand of your screen.
  9. To message other riders or the group during the Meetup, use your Companion App. You will see a Messages icon along the bottom of the app phone screen


If you have any questions happy to help.



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