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Mike McGehee (PBM)


I believe group rides should be cancelled due all the various reasons cited.

I question even riding alone or with your significant other only due to the inherent risk of cycling and sometimes unfortunate things happen. i.e when I broke my arm last year I was riding alone.

I think the last place anyone of us want to be is in a hospital unless it's necessary or our job.

Yes it's a large price to pay. But for the greater good the right decision.


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BCLC, Elmhurst, Arlington and meet up cycling groups have suspended their rides. The USA Cycling issued a statement

Should you avoid riding in groups?

Yes. And, as of March 18, USA Cycling has recommended races and other gatherings, such as races and group rides be canceled or postponed and is suspending permits on all events through May 3. 

You can read the full press release in this article

Note that the medical community is still learning about this deadly virus on a daily basis. Recently they found the virus can stay suspended in air much longer than originally thought. My advice is not to ride in groups unless from the same household. Do solo rides and virtual rides instead. Even if you don't show symptoms, you can be a carrier and contagious. 

My two cents. 

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  • Wheelmen have cancelled all rides until further notice. Ride calendar clear through April
  • Zwift Meetup is a viable option. We had a good group with Tom C this past Sunday
I have no issue riding with a normal size BBC group providing we be cautionary:
  1. No snot rockets
  2. If you need to cough or sneeze, pull out of the paceline.
  3. If you think you may be compromised.....just don't show up

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I’m looking to start a discussion on group rides.

Cancel completely?

How do you maintain proper social distancing when you are breathing the exhaust of the rider in front of you?  

What is a safe distance?

Groups of 4 riders at a time?

What are the pro’s doing? Other clubs?

Organize time trials with a 1 minute spacing?

Cross winds vs. head or tail winds?

Input needed



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