no riding in Europe

Anna Swiet

I just looked at these articles about what has happened to running, riding  and training in Europe.
Important note (similar to Tina's comment) is to not get hurt which requires medical care if you crash/fall


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Letters From the Front: Slowtwitchers in Italy
03/23/20 - Rolling Dreamers and 3T are both modifying their businesses drastically in the face of COVID-19.

Letters From the Front: Slowtwitchers in Spain
03/23/20 - Fines for cyclists. Limits on time spent in the grocery store. This is life in Spain.

This Week on Slowtwitch Indoors: To The Top!
03/23/20 - We bring back our Monday runs. In exchange, bring your climbing legs for the bike.

The RUNN Wireless Treadmill-to- Zwift Sensor
03/22/20 - Turn your "dumb" treadmill into a Zwift powerhouse.

Virtual Racing Today: Ironman and Others
03/21/20 - A whole new world of racing has opened up in the last week.

Do Sheleter-in-Place Orders Allow Recreational Cycling?
03/20/20 - The answer? It depends.

Rudy Von Berg Puts the Coronavirus in Perspective
03/20/20 - The breakout star of the 2019 70.3 season reflects on a cancelled first-half of the year and more.

Let's Talk About Your New Office
03/19/20 - Many of us are working from home full-time for the first time. Dan Empfield's been doing it for years.

The Purple Patch Way Through the Pandemic
03/18/20 - Matt Dixon was on the front lines of one of the first shelter-in-place orders in the United States. Here's his methodology of making through the new normal.



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