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Lena Chon


Is it possible to reformat how we ride?

   So maybe we stay in pods of 2-4 people.  Let’s say 8 of us shows up to a ride, that’s 2-3 pods.  All of us are familiar with club routes, and if someone does not know the route, they better make sure someone in the pod knows the way. As long as we are within sight. It’s good.  And when we pull up at light or stop sign DON’T congregate. 

  In regards to spitting and blowing your nose... rather than pulling out to far left, the person needs to go to the end, then do there business. Just like rotating the pace line.  You CAN’T  come in mid pace line because any moisture droplets that lands on your body is still traveling and it could get blown on to the person that you just cut in front off.

Any individual who comes out to ride, they have to be well and no one in their household is sick with cold, and or Corona virus.

Trigger words...DISTANCE, if a fellow rider shouts this out, please be respectful and just check yourself. Don’t take it personal.

These options may not keep the group as tight like before.  The pace  may be a little less, may not. But we get to ride and see each other.

Missing you all,

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On Mar 24, 2020, at 8:09 AM, David Bergen <DavidB@...> wrote:

I’m looking to start a discussion on group rides.

Cancel completely?

How do you maintain proper social distancing when you are breathing the exhaust of the rider in front of you?  

What is a safe distance?

Groups of 4 riders at a time?

What are the pro’s doing? Other clubs?

Organize time trials with a 1 minute spacing?

Cross winds vs. head or tail winds?

Input needed



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