Re: Saint Patrick's Day ride - ZWIFT / ROUVY?

Lena Chon

Hi All,

A reminder to update Zwift if you haven’t done it recently.  
If you miss the group start time, you can’t join after group started. But you can look for Tom’s name under people currently Zwifting  and join him that way.

If you want to talk during ride, use the microphone icon on your keyboard rather than typing.


On Mar 21, 2020, at 7:28 PM, Rob Dickson <rdickson33@...> wrote:

Thanks for setting up Tom, I will likely join. 

I created a BBC discord channel. I haven't tested it yet but it should work. Here is the link.

Using discord we can share banter whilst riding. 


On Sat, Mar 21, 2020, 3:14 PM Tom Cramer <tcramer@...> wrote:

I figured out how to create and send out a meetup request in Zwift this morning. Sorry I gave you a 30 min notice. I just created a 33 mi ride tomorrow morning at 9:00am on the Island of Watopia. The course is "Bigger Loop". If you are not linked to me in Zwift search "Tom Cramer" United States.


Bigger Loop” is a modified version of Zwift’s “Big Loop” which basically adds ~11km of flat road to the start of the route. Released as part of Zwift’s Fuego Flats desert expansion, this route features the new desert roads as well as the Epic KOM, Jungle Circuit, and portions of Volcano flat.


Course Profile


Begin in Watopia’s downtown, then hang a left from Ocean Boulevard to head toward Fuego Flats. Enjoy the desert sites, descend through the redwoods, then hang a left to attack the Epic KOM. It’s gonna hurt!


Descending the KOM then turning left to the jungle, you will hit the circuit and climb back out before descending down to sea level. Your climbing is finished: now it’s time for the flat run-in to the finish, by way of the Volcano flat route.


In summary: 15km of flat followed by 30km of climbing or ascending, ending with 10km of flat. That’s “Bigger Loop”.


The course profile makes this an appealing route for a longer race. Climbers will be able to get away on the Epic KOM, but heavier riders with higher watts may be able to chase them back over the jungle roads and final flat kilometers.


Level Locked


You must be level 10 or above to access Bigger Loop in a free ride. Alternatively, you can join a group ride held on this route–but Big Loop group rides are rare.


Tom Cramer



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Unfortunately no it can’t be used in Zwift. You are limited to their worlds. Even in Meetup mode.

I can provide the St Pats route but don’t think it would be that much fun. Better routes to use.

> On Mar 21, 2020, at 11:23 AM, Mike McGehee (PBM) <fpb-triathlon@...> wrote:


> All,


> I realize that most of the BBCers who ride inside are Zwifters.


> I'm not sure if Zwift the capability (I know you can create a workout

> from a GPX file, but not sure if it can be shared as a meetup). I

> think Sheri would know best? But I know you can in Rouvy.


> A couple of us (well mostly Anna and myself) have been using Rouvy

> since last winter.


> While Rouvy is not the game and nowhere near the social atmosphere

> that Zwift is (no messaging, no drafting, no special magic powerups, etc).


> What Rouvy is:

> 1) Real course videos from around the world. Which also feel real when

> paired with a smart trainer.

> 2) Less expensive than Zwift.

> 3) You can import your outdoor rides (from your Garmin, etc) and ride them.

> You will get a satellite view versus a video.

> 4) You can create races for a certain time, like Zwift.


> The point here is that IF someone has the St Pat's day course it could

> be imported into Rouvy and "race" created.


> Rouvy does have a 14 day trail period.


> Sorry for the bullet point style of this correspondence, but I thought

> it would be easier to read.


> Regards,



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> Sooooo, obviously the race itself is a no-go.  And we are all looking

> for things to do during our shelter in place time.


> Would anyone be interested in doing a Zwift version instead?


> J










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