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Anna Swiet

I resemble that, hahaha

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You all are nuts..

If I train enough, I’ll try and join for the first day. Will see if my wife will join me for dinner and a drive back home the next day..


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If Anna is hatching a plan to transport a change of clothes, I am in!  It will be great to enjoy BBC’s company for a few days plus it will be wicked hot in Greenville SC by then.  A nice little escape.





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I'm excited about another new adventure!

Yes, we definitely need riding time to build up for double centuries.


My opinion is that Memorial Day is too soon plus many folks go away around that time.

Also, some of us have a century June 7 in the mountains of North Carolina.


Although I'm not a big fan of hot summer centuries, Greg may have a point of doing Mission Impossible /Possible beginning of August. Or end of July.


Also, I have concocted a preliminary plan for transporting change of clothes for everyone since schlepping a backpack for 200 miles is not my idea of fun. Details to follow.





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Ten of us interested so far:





Chon L.

Chon J.







The more the merrier.


So, we should definitely do this ride, and now the question becomes when. None of us are going to be ready to do back to back centuries until we get some good outdoor rides under our belts.


May 2, 2020  Ride the Ups and Downs Galena, IL

June 20, 2020  Horrible Hilly Hundred

July 11-12, 2020  Triple Bypass

August 14-16  Ride Across Wisconsin


Who all is thinking of going to Italy to ride and when is that trip?


Earliest I can see the BBC Mission Impossible ride happening is on or after Memorial Day. What do you guys think?






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Ruben, sounds fun, in a sadistic way. Count me in.

 I’m sure Lena will be salivating at this idea of a double century...


Thank you, Jin

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It's a New Year and a New Decade...    So we should have a BBC New Ride

Here is a ride concept for your consideration and for a show of hands of potential interest. This ride proposal is from the people that brought you "Ruben and Richie's Ice Cream Ride", the "Morkes Chocolate Ride" and the "Huntley-Woodstock Ride". Now comes:


The "Mission Impossible Ride" - a weekend of back to back centuries, with fine Italian food in between!


On Day 1 we would ride from Elgin to Toluca (generally heading southwest) as a group at an appropriate pace. We would plan 2-3 water stops along the way. We believe we can find lodging near Toluca in a moderately priced hotel where we'd wash up for supper.


Oddly enough, Toluca has a reputation for very good Italian restaurants. That's where we would refuel for the return trip.


On Day 2 we do the same route in reverse, from Toluca back to Elgin.


Two hundred miles in two days.


Why do we want to ride to Toluca and back?

Reason 1:  Because it's a pleasure to ride on mostly-deserted, country roads similar to those between Huntley and Genoa.

Reason 2:  Because what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. 

Reason 3:  For the great Italian food! 


Anticipating that you want to know "why are there two great Italian restaurants in a tiny central Illinois town?"; read this:


The Rich History of Toluca, IL


The Coal Mines – 1892

In 1892, Charles J.Devlin, who had been the managing head of the opening of the Spring Valley coal mines, turned his attention to Toluca, when after prospecting with Henry Duggan, also of Spring Valley, it was found that coal mines could be developed there. Three strong veins were discovered and they set out to sink the mines two blocks west of the village. With the help of Henry J. Miller (his father-in-law and owner of Spring Valley Coal Company), Devlin purchased 11,000 acres of contiguous mineral rights for what would become the Devlin Coal Company. The mine laborers at first were Irish, Polish, Serbian, Lithuanian and Italian. The workers eventually became predominantly Italian. Each nationality settled in its own section or block of the village.


Toluca the City – 1907

By 1907, the population had grown to approximately 6,000 people. Toluca now had two newspapers, churches and numerous stores. It had a good grade school with a principal and nine assistants. The population was largely Italian with a sprinkling of Polish, Lithuanian and other nationalities employed in and around the mines. The average number of men employed at the mine was 800 and the output was about 380,000 tons per year which was valued at about $450,000. The average wage paid to the miner was about 75 cents a day.



Although farming still plays an important part in the lives of many residents, the city has grown in many other areas. With the present population at approximately 1,500, Toluca has four major employers and over 50 smaller small businesses. In addition the town can still boast they have two well known Italian Restaurants – Mona’s and Capponi’s. People come from many miles to enjoy the food and spirits offered by these restaurants. Both have made Toluca nationally known for their quality food products.


When should we do this ride?

We have a big club and not everyone is pointing toward the same objectives this season, but here are some of the events we may be building for, or that we would want to schedule around:


June 20, 2020 Horrible Hilly Hundred

July 11-12, 2020 Triple Bypass

August 14-16 Ride Across Wisconsin


Before this email self-destructs,,,


Do you accept the challenge?

When do you think we should schedule the Mission Impossible Ride?



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