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Lena Chon

Hi Tina,
Originally we needed to pick a w/kg and try to stay together.

Now, if you the ride leader select “stay together” everyone can do their own pace. The rubberband will keep us together. You do not need to select anything individually, just pedal what you want.

And John... how would you like for us to wake you up?😉

Hope that helps!

On Nov 29, 2019, at 8:33 PM, Lena Chon <lmnchon@...> wrote:

Hi All,
Thanks to those who were able to join us for the Zwift ride. It was fun! Wanted to pass on some tips for future “meet up rides”

The meet up ride is by invitation and you need to reply. And you need to be friends with the organizer. Please do this at least a few hours before, to give the organizer time to respond and add you to their friend list.

When you set up a ride, choose option to keep group together. That’s the “rubber band” that keeps us together. And yes...Everyone can have different w/kg.

When Picking a route, you can no longer see the elevation of the route. You only have control of distance or duration.

On ride day, you should log on to Zwift and start a ride, a nice way to warm up. When the time comes, you will receive a prompter asking if you would join. After you say yes, Zwift will take you to the route to join your group.

We had a few people join a minute or two after start time and they were not able to join group. One accepted invitation and the other join as existing ride( I think that’s what happen with Greg).

When you log on to Zwift and you can see names of people you know that are currently riding or join a group near by? Well, there was a sub group that joined my group, I can see them and their conversation. I don’t think they can se our conversation as their responses didn’t match ours.

You can leave anytime...just like when we are on the road and you plan to cut short or go longer, please let us know before you disappear into virtual thin air.

I was so used to having my ERG mode on for set workout, that I forgot on Zwift ride ERG mode is turned off and I can change my gear... 🙄

If anyone has more tips, please share with the group.

I love it that Zwift does the route for you and you can’t get lost... unless you join the wrong group 🤪


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On Nov 27, 2019, at 2:45 PM, Lena Chon <lmnchon@...> wrote:

Hi Everyone,

Missing you all ... so I thought maybe we can ride together on Zwift?

I am creating an invite for Thursday morning at 7:30am!

I can only invite those who are already friends with me on Zwift. So please friend me (Lena Chon) if you would like to join:)

This feature has improved since Zwift first offered it. There will be an imaginary band to keep us together.
Our names will be high light on the right to let us know who is in the group. Also, we can see on the map (upper right corner) how the group is spread out on the road. You can ride at the w/kg that you want.

Let’s give it a try... should be fun!

Looking forward to seeing the virtual you,

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