What pressure should I ride? What pressure do the pros ride? Try this..

Brad Peacock

For the bike nerds out there (like me) who enjoy tinkering on their bikes with a beer as much as riding them...

More info and data on tire pressure and the evolving consensus that lower is often better.

To wit, I’ve been running 95 front and 105 rear on 25mm tires.  Using their calculator, Silca (maker of the greatest bike pumps in the world!) recommends 100 rear and 96 front.  NOTE:  though my tires are labeled 25mm they measure out at 26mm with a caliper.  I ran this calculation at 26mm.

Also, I run tubulars on my main wheels so i’m not sure if/how that effects things.  Selecting tubulars vs clinchers wasn’t a calculation option so I assume pressure is the same regardless of tire type?  I would suspect that maybe the calculations are materially different for road tubeless as the internal friction between tire and inner tube in both clinchers and tubulars is one of the key contributors to rolling resistance.   (tubulars still have inner tubes in them just like clinchers, they’re just sewn up inside).



Leverage 10+ Years of Pro Pressure Data

For more than a decade, Josh and the SILCA team have been travelling the world helping professional and top level amateur athletes optimize tire pressures to give them that winning edge at events ranging from the Tour de France, to Paris Roubaix, to Ironman Kona.  As a result of these efforts, we have more than 4000 data points on optimal pressures for different rider weights, surfaces, tire sizes and other variables.  From this, we've developed an algorithm to predict your optimal pressure.  As a member of the SILCA family, we are releasing this calculator to you first in Beta form and would love to hear your feedback and experiences as we work to continually refine this tool.

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