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David Saporta

Yes!  I just did it a couple months ago.  No light.  Came upon a guy with a large dog in the pitch black who didn't have any lights either.  Terrifying :)

In addition to the trail, that area has some of the best road riding in the Midwest.  I actually enjoyed the roads with some great climbing and descending more than the trail which is pretty flat.

As well, when I was there, a good portion of the trail was closed due to flooding.  I'm guessing it's open now but you may want to check.

On Oct 2, 2019, at 12:23 PM, Sheri Rosenbaum <Luv2Bike80@...> wrote:

I’ve done the Elroy Sparta trail at least 5 times. Remember to bring lights for the tunnels. 
I was recently there in August, article here

I can highly recommend staying as long as you can since there are 4 trails right there
- Elroy Sparta
- La Crosse River Trail
- 400 State Trail
- Omaha Trail

Check out for all the information you need on these and other trails. 

On Oct 2, 2019, at 12:00 PM, Brad Peacock <brad.peacock1@...> wrote:

Jin, Lena, and I are organizing an overnight cycling tour for the weekend of Saturday, October 26th.

We are considering riding the Elroy-Sparta trail in southern WI. It is one of the first “rails to trails” paths in the country. It is a crushed limestone path that roles for ~40 miles through beautiful country and fall colors.

The ride format will be to drive up early Saturday morning (~3 hrs),  ride from Elroy to Sparta on Saturday, spend the night at an Airbnb in Sparta, dinner, cocktails, etc, and then back to Elroy on Sunday and drive home Sunday afternoon.

Re: gear, you’ll need a bike to ride on a limestone path. The pace will be “touring social” which means slow, conversational, and stops at local taverns along the way. If it hasn’t been raining lately a road bike is fine - it’s a pretty hard surface. The pace will be low enough that a mountain bike will be very appropriate as well.  Don’t let your bike options limit your decision. You’ll need to be able to travel with a change of clothes and toiletries for an overnight. A small backpack is very adequate - no need for traditional touring racks and panniers.

There are many details to be finalized, but the first step is to let me know if you are interested. We’ll finalize details with the group of folks going.

This will be a fun, relaxing, social weekend in a beautiful part of the country during a beautiful time of the year.  The pace and format will be such that family members are welcome and encouraged to join too!

Most BBC rides are about going fast, working hard, and getting your heart rate up. This is a different kind of ride. This ride is about the simple pleasure of riding a bike w friends on a beautiful fall weekend.

Please respond to this email if you are interested. Not looking for firm commitment yet, just tentative interest.

I hope you’ll join us!

Brad, Jin, and Lena

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