ordering BBC kits

Anna Swiet

For those of you interested in ordering the current kit design, please follow the directions below.

There are no minimums that have to be met for the orders to be placed.  That means Verge will produce & ship your pieces irrespective of any other orders.
There is no 'closing date'.  You can order any time throughout the year, whenever you need a piece to be manufactured.
Kits are manufactured in our original colors black/red on white fabric, the proofs on the site are a different color just for drawing purposes

It takes @ 4 weeks for production and they will ship directly to you.

Here are the steps:

1 - use this link    https://shop.vergesport.com/start.aspx

2 - Log in  Either sign in as existing client (if you have used this site in the past) or create a new account

     Do NOT check off the button for "Remember Me" It interferes with the next step

3 - Next page after logging in will have tabs on top of page, select TEAM STORES

4 - Find box : Password protected Team Store

            PW = BBC18 for men's items

                    BBCW18 for women's items

5 - select your choices, place order, pay, wait for delivery and ride happily ever after

Let me know if you have any questions,only easy questions... (difficult questions will be filed away in a 'special folder")
See you all on the road soon.            


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