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Lena Chon

Thank you for a great training ride today. Silver Lake was beautiful.  Last but not least ...yummy treats at the finish line! 

On Aug 2, 2019, at 10:05 AM, Vijay Nuthulapaty via Groups.Io <chicagovijay@...> wrote:


Scratch this, just saw Dave's post for a shorter ride. I will do that instead.


On Friday, August 2, 2019, 08:11:59 AM CDT, Vijay Nuthulapaty via Groups.Io <chicagovijay@...> wrote:

Realized I just replied the previous email to just Anna. Here's the route..

I would like to do a 50 on Sunday. Maybe go with the main group until the 25 mark and head back - I can work up a route based on what Anna has sent out.

There is a Starbucks where the route crosses Rt. 12, we can make that a stop. Would like to do this as a no-drop ride for those like me who needs to work up to the longer/faster weekend rides.


On Thursday, August 1, 2019, 10:49:04 PM CDT, Anna Swiet via Groups.Io <annaswiet@...> wrote:

Sunday's optional ride starts at 7 am at Barrington High School.  

Below is the link to the entire extended ride, aka, 'Les Miserables'
Chop off the loops to Bull Valley and Douglas FP to shorten it up

The shortest version to Silver Lake and back to the school is only 77 miles
The extra loop to Bull Valley adds 22 miles
The last extra loop after returning to BHS and going south to Douglas FP can add another 23 but can easily be shortened

Rest stop options: 
Mchenry (18 miles); gas station in Silver Lake (37 miles); Mchenry again on return, McDonalds in BV (part of extra loop); additional stop as needed on way back to BHS; I'll have water/snacks in car at school before heading to Douglas

Please send me a note if you can navigate us out to Silver Lake and back to McHenry, I appreciate it

See you Sunday


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