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Anna Swiet

Thanks Ruben for the engaging fun!
With that being said, I'm suddenly feeling parched....


On Tuesday, July 30, 2019, 12:17:28 PM CDT, Ruben Medina via Groups.Io <ruben.medina27@...> wrote:

So, the Tour is over and we have a brand new winner from Colombia, 22 year-old Egan Bernal.

What an exciting race it was this year! It seems like each year interest in the Tour de France grows among BBC members.

Not everyone who starts the Tour ends up finishing in Paris. This is bike racing and it's fast and dangerous and over thousands of miles one little thing can go wrong and your tour can be over, or your chances to win can become much lower. That happened to a few of the favorites to win this year's edition - Jakob Fuglsang and Thibaut Pinot had to abandon with injuries. When we submitted our picks, each of you also named two Subs to your team. Some of you needed to use those Subs and some had all of their first three picks finish in Paris. If you had to use your Sub or Subs there is an asterisk by your name.

Here's how our BBC members did with their picks:

------------- PODIUM ---------------------------------------------------------
10 points - Tom Cramer* (Bernal, Thomas, Landa)
11 points - Ruben Medina (Bernal, Kruijswijk, Landa)
14 points - Anna Swietczak (Bernal, Thomas, Porte)  Quintana tiebreaker
14 points - Carol Teel (Bernal, Thomas, Porte)  A. Yates tiebreaker
14 Points - James Stolt* (Bernal, Thomas, Porte)  Quintana tiebreaker
14 Points - Tom Craig* (Bernal, Thomas, Porte)  Bardet tiebreaker
16 Points - Vijay Nuthulapaty* (Thomas, Landa, Quintana)
18 Points - Darryl Racki* (Bernal, Thomas, Bardet)
19 Points - Rich Marisie* (Bernal, Uran, Porte)
20 Points - Will Skinner (Thomas, Uran, Porte)
32 Points - Tom Nelson* (Bernal, Thomas, A. Yates)  Porte tiebreaker
32 Points - Ken Kreischer* (Bernal, Thomas, A. Yates)  Pinot tiebreaker
38 Points - Rob Dickson (Bernal, Quintana, A. Yates)
39 Points - Scot Marcotte* (Thomas, Quintana, A. Yates)
41 Points - Greg Bach* (Bernal, Porte, A. Yates)  Quintana tiebreaker
41 Points - Ram Gummadi* (Bernal, Porte, A. Yates)  D. Martin tiebreaker
42 Points - Jin Chon* (Thomas, Porte, A. Yates)
45 Points - Sheri Rosenbaum (Bernal, Bardet, A. Yates)
49 Points - Todd Hepler (Thomas, Quintana, Nibali)
DNF         - John Guido* (Bernal, Bardet with Fuglsang, Pinot and Van Aert Abandon)

I believe there is a prize for our winner, Tom Cramer. And there has been a suggestion that the Bottom 3 buy a beer at Flesk for the Top 3.

Thanks for participating this year. Let's try and get the number of BBC participants up some more for the 2020 Tour de France!


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