Gearing Up For Good - Invite from Bob Lee..... Please Read

Tom Cramer

Hey BBC,


I received a call and this email below from Bob Lee. You guys may know Bob the man behind A Ride For 3 Reasons when he rode twice (6,500 each I believe) to raise money ALS, The American Cancer Society and Hospice. He wanted to reach out to BBC to ask us for our support for  Joe Motz who is 65 yrs. old and riding 6500 miles to raise $650,000 in support of Parkinson’s. He leaves Cincinnati, Ohio on Aug 2nd and should arrive in Barrington on Aug 6th. Below is a flyer for the Event being held at Neurobalance in Barrington by the Post Office on 8/7. We can show our support 3 ways:


1.       Help “Ride Joe Out of Town” on Thursday 8/8 on his way to Janesville, WI. Below is a link of the route he has posted which leads to Bob’s #2 ask for support.


2.       Does anyone have experience in mapping and can review the link and come up with an alternative safer route in our state? I see that he is going right up Rt. 14. That might be fine if someone has a connection to every police department along the way that can provide a police car following behind Joe and any of us following. I suggested look to our standard Woodstock Route and then there might be some more of us that would want to ride with him. Or any connections in any of the police departments in the towns shown on his map would be helpful.


3.       Register for the 8/7 event to hear him talk along with the other speakers shown. And of course a donation to help this great cause. I think everyone must know of someone with Parkinson’s.


Joe’s Webpage:


Please let me know if you would be interested in riding him out of town and how far? Personally I don’t have the time to ride the 85 miles to Janesville, since I would need to turn around and ride back. Bob is looking for any support you can give, so please copy him (copied here) or email him directly.





From: Bob Lee [mailto:photobylee@...]
Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2019 2:19 PM
To: Tom Cramer <TCramer@...>
Subject: Please call, Tom [EXTERNAL EMAIL - CAUTION]



Can you please give me a call to discuss this event.  It would be great to see BBC’s support.  I  will share details when you call.

Bob Lee


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