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Lena Chon

Hi All,
Feeling robed today since I didn’t get to ride Dave’s metric century.😭

Jin and I are heading out at 7:30am, starting  at the high school ( route posted under Saturday ride).

We should be finished in time to join Dave for Brunch!


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Sunday Pie Ride - 9:00 - Barrington High School - 30,40,50 or 60 mile options

This is a repeat of an earlier ride. A slower group will fall off the back of the main group and follow the tandem and do the 40 or 50 mile option. On the way back to the start, I plan on stopping at the new restaurant on route 14, Ella Bonella, for an after ride brunch. See link below. All riders welcome.  Ella Bonella has great breakfast/Brunch/Lunch pies. Check out the menu at


4 options…30, 40, 50, or 60 miles

The first 18 miles will be slower than average as we weave thru various neighborhoods to a stop at Lakewood forest preserve.  From there, you! will decide on a easy 12 mile return or a 40/50/60 mile return. The longer riders will go an additional 11 miles to Darrel and Roberts where they will have to decide between 40 or 50/60. There will be a stop at the gas station at Bonner and Rand for food/water/etc.

As always, route subject to change due to construction, group decision, or ride organizers whim

Pie Detour


18 mile start



12 mile return




22 mile return



32 mile return


 42 mile return






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