Saturday A/B Ride is ON : Prairie/East Dundee 44

Tom Cramer

Saturday A/B Ride: 
Meeting Location: Barrington High School
Meeting Time: 9:00 A.M.Butts on Saddle and rolling.
Distance: 35-44 miles
Weather Forecast: Sunny, 40 deg @ Start up to a balmy 48. Winds: 15 mph 
Link to route map:

This will be a slower (I think) than normal A/B ride (16-18mph average with some faster sprints). With Steve and Matt (possibly) on the ride it will be a good workout. 
This is NOT a no drop ride, so download the map if you are not sure of the area. It's only my 2nd time out on the road this year and I have been banned from exercising for the past two weeks so unless your doing less than 15mph average it's doubtful that you will be left behind. If your new to the group please read:

Come on out and help pull me :)


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