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Anna Swiet

Not sure if Church/Chapel is passable?

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Good morning,

The Tuesday Night Hilly ride will leave from the church at 545pm tomorrow. Weather looks amazing so come on out and join me. The Version 2 route is planned (24 miles) with repeats of Violet and Edwards. Optional longer version if people want to extend down Cuba/Ela/Hillside or the group can decide.  As of Saturday the roads near the Fox River we take were dry with one exception on the road leading to the ski jump. We just rode down the middle of the rode where it was only 1/4" of water.. But there's always plan B if the water rises higher.

I'll be bringing up the rear (as usual) as recovering from a century ride yesterday. You all missed an adventure up to Kenosha. Small detour in Gurnee since O'Plain was under water and a sink hole we climbed in and out of up in Kenosha (cyclocross). Oh and 4-8 ft waves on Lake Michigan. But we got our chicken and donuts and that's all that really counts. Right?

For any of the women who still want to do the Venus de Miles ride Saturday, promo code for $7 off is ShareTheLove. Come join my Echelon Goddesses team. Tina and Carol are riding.

See ya tomorrow night

Ridge/Plum Tree -- 23.2 mi, +943 ft. Starts in Barrington, IL

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