Re: Saturday Ride - 100K - With Shorter Options - 8:00 - Barrington High School

Lena Chon

Hi Dave,
What is your pace for Monday ride?


At May 20, 2015, 11:17:09 AM, David Bergen davidb@... [BBC-Bike]<'BBC-Bike-noreply@...'> wrote:

Ready for a metric century…100.5 kilometers, 62.5 miles?

The Udder Century is in 2 weeks

There are many shorter options along this route, as short as 20 miles.

Anyone wanting to do a shorter route and knows your way back, give a shout out to the group and I am sure you will get some followers. This route is a combination of many of our usual routes.

Weather looks perfect, Sunday forecast is rain, Monday not looking good either

8:00 from Barrington High School

Stops at 25 and 39 miles

Any interest in our annual ride to Lake Michigan/Highland Park on Monday?

47 miles

I will post on Saturday if weather reports improve


Dave Bergen

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