Lena Chon

I am so sorry to hear about the crash... Ken and Carol get well soon!

If you have any soreness...try Arnicare gel to minimize muscle pain and swelling

Thank you
Lena Chon
"Sorry if there are typos"

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I promised I would give a quick update on the crash that happened this morning:
As we rode out past The Broken Oar, we came upon a huge pot hole.  Unfortunately, Ken Kreischer did a good job of finding it.  He went down and ended up with a head injury. What we could see, was a sizeable gash in his forehead, and perhaps a broken elbow.  I heard from his wife Deb that he had no broken bones, but 7 stitches in his forehead.  I was behind him and went off and down in the grass.  I am fine with a few superficial abrasions.
I have to say that we are very fortunate to have such a wonderful team of cyclists.  Everyone stayed for a while to make sure that Ken was ok.  Several motorists stopped to see if he was ok.  One gentlemen stopped and volunteered to take him to the hospital.  So there are good people out there.
So Ken-speedy recovery.  Please let us know how you are.

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