BBC Team Kit Reveal & Sizing Event

Rich Marisie

Good morning All,

We’ve put together some general suggestions to helps us have a successful meeting this Wednesday evening looking forward to seeing everyone there. 

BBC Team Kit Reveal and Sizing Event is Wednesday, December 8th. The event will take place from 6:00-8:00PM at Wintrust Mortgage, 18 Executive Ct. South Barrington, IL 60010.

This is a BYOB event, pizza and treats will be on hand too!

BBC Sizing Event

How to speed up the sizing event 
To help speed up the sizing portion of our meeting, please look over the sizing charts provided by the factory prior to arriving. By knowing your measurements it will allow you to focus on one or two sizes and speed the process for everyone. We have a lot of people attending.

What to wear
Wear comfortable clothing that’s easy to get in and out of for your sizing. It is suggested that under clothing is worn when trying on the kits out of respect for others who will be trying on the same pieces.

What not to wear
It’s no secret that when we put our kits on to go out on a ride, we are not wearing under clothing on our bottoms and if this is how you prefer to try your kit for sizing then go ahead if you need to. 

How to size and your favorite brand
Know what fit you like and size accordingly. If you’re a person that wants your jersey to fit like a second skin, the feel of the super slick aero kit may be right for you. If you feel you prefer a little more room and a relaxed fit go up one size and see how that works for you.

American sizing vs. European sizing 
We all have worn kits from the many companies and by now you know that there IS NOT one size that fits me all the time. There is a size difference from American-made kits to European-made kits. It’s important to take advantage of this sizing event to know what fits you best without guessing.

Street size vs. bike kit
No surprise here. Your street clothing size may be completely different from your bike kit size. Please use the sizing guide and the sizing event to zero-in on the proper size that you’ll be comfortable riding in for many hours. You will not be able to return your kit due to ordering the wrong size; although you might be able to find a buyer within the BBC.

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