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Jan Ettrich

Thanks, Brad!

What was the general feedback on good ol' outside riding during the winter.
Can include some (warm) after-ride beverages as well ;-)



German/Colnago/Orange Socks

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Thank you to the 25 folks who have responded to the survey.

I’ve learned that we actually have a number of experienced Zwift riders in the club who already do some virtual group rides together.  Good to know we have some pros that have already figured this stuff out!

This survey is really about gauging club interest in trying to put some more structure around virtual group rides the same way we do with our regular outdoor rides in season.  e.g. a standing Tuesday morning hill session and a standing Thursday evening sprint session (or whatever)

If you haven’t already and you want your voice heard, please take a minute and click the link below to complete the survey.  I’ll publish the results on Monday.  If you want your voice heard after that you’ll have to buy me a beer! ;-)


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Fellow BBC’ers,

As many of you have heard me moan and groan about, I loathe riding indoors on a trainer.

But I am committed to staying more active on the bike the winter so I’d like to gauge interest level in setting up some regularly scheduled “Virtual Group Rides” similar to what we do during our standing rides in season.

Click the link below to complete a quick 10 question, multiple choice SurveyMonkey survey.  Should take less than 60 seconds

I’ll share the results with the group and see if there is interest in getting something going.



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