FW: Sunday Ride - 9:00 - Barrington High School - 30,40,50

David Bergen

Flashback Weekend continues

We’ll repeat the 2nd ride of the season at a slower pace (Tandem)

Sunday Ride - 9:00 - Barrington High School - 30,40,50

Remember the time change


This will be the last reoccurring weekend ride of the season. Future rides will not be automatic unless some posts one.


Reprinted from April 1…ignore the covid statement


REVIEW attached COVID-19 Statement.  


All riders are required to review the COVID-19 Statement before each ride. You will be asked to acknowledge a “NO” response to all questions to ride with the group. 


Masks are required at all times when the group is not moving. We've been dealing with COVID-19 for over a year so everyone should ride (or not) at their own comfort level.   


xxxxxxxxxxxxxx- Barrington High School - 30,40,50 mile options

4 options…30, 40, 50, or 60 miles

The first 18 miles will be slower than average as we weave thru various neighborhoods to a stop at Lakewood forest preserve.  From there, you! will decide on a easy 12 mile return or a 40/50/60 mile return. The longer riders will go an additional 11 miles to Darrel and Roberts where they will have to decide between 40 or 50. There will be a stop at the gas station at Bonner and Rand for food/water/etc.

As always, route subject to change due to construction, group decision, or ride organizers whim


18 mile start



12 mile return





22 mile return



32 mile return


 42 mile return


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