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Thank you Lena!

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Hi All,

Hope everyone is taking advantage of the cooler weather and enjoy some fall riding.  I have really enjoyed riding with old friends and also make new friends this season.  Thank you to all the ride leaders, whom week after week lead us on awesome/challenging rides with fun rest stops.  It’s not easy to lead, keep everyone together, and make sure we are all safe.   THANK YOU!  

The BBC family has grown, and with that I would like to remind everyone of riding safety rules.  As you know the club had two incidents this season. Unfortunately, some members were injured and their season were cut short. Let’s aim for zero next season.  We want everyone to stay safe.  Remember when you ride together, everyone watches out for each other and we are responsible for each other.

1. Please do not use earbuds/ headphones during ride.  We do have one member that keeps one earbud in to notify him of his sugar level which is an exception.

2. Please do not drop into your aero bars when you are riding in a group/pace line.

3. Please communicate verbally and or use hand signals.  The more we talk, the safer we are as a group.

4. When riding, stay to the right of the road and not in the middle of the lane. Please DO NOT PASS ON THE RIGHT of another cyclist. That’s our safety zone and it is on you. Riders do not expect another rider to come up on the right.  As a reminder in Barrington Hills we can only ride in single file.  

5.  If you are on a group ride and plan to turn off early or take a different route , please let the ride leader know, or share with another rider to relay the message.  

6. During COVID, we ask if you have to snot rocket or spit, please move safely to the back and do your business. Please continue this courtesy to your fellow riders.

7.  If the back riders are yelling “car back”, please look,  and safely move into single file.  We do not want to aggravate drivers.   Back riders see what’s coming and they want you/ the group out of danger.

8.  Ride leaders can’t see in the back, so it’s everyone’s job to communicate with the person behind them.  We want  to avoid the group breaking up or a rider left behind for mechanical.

9. When crossing intersection, please say only clear or Stop. Do not say car way left or way right. It confuses people. Some people may choose to stop or go . This could lead to a pile up.

10.  If you are new to our club, and or group rides, let us know. There are lots of experienced riders to help and advice you. It may be good to stay towards the back when you first start out.  It’s a good way to watch who is doing what. And learn the group behavior.

On a group ride, the person in front of you or behind you could be someone who has riden all their lives, maybe races, or someone who has a few years of experience, or someone who just bought a bike from Village Cycle, or someone who just came back from a bike crash injury.  Regardless of where you are in your riding life, let’s practice safe group riding, nurture new riders, and keep everyone coming back to BBC!

Cyclists are fun people!

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