Re: Upcoming Rides - vote for this Sunday

Jin Chon

BBC, next Sunday (Oct 2nd) I am happy to organize us to All Season Orchard just south of Woodstock for our annual Apple Cider donuts and Apple cider indulgence! 😋

I have a routes and I will ride it this Wednesday to do recon.. more information to follow. 

Jin Chon

On Sep 24, 2021, at 4:46 PM, David Bergen <davidb@...> wrote:

Now the fall is here, we are running out of nice weekends for longer rides. I have been getting suggestions and looking for more suggestions and volunteers.

So far Jin will lead an apple orchard ride. Tim is organizing an after ride brunch at Morettis. Ken wants to do a Silver Lake ride and numerous requests for the Lake Geneva ride.

No dates have been set for any of these rides.


If you want to lead/organize a ride, call dibs on a date now. I can help with maps and posting.


So far for this Sunday we have a combo Huntley/Woodstock from Ruben and a Silver Lake request from Anna…..Vote early…Vote often

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