BBC 2021 Tour Picks Status - Rest Day 2

Ruben Medina

BBC Tour de France Contestants,

We have two tied for the lead after 15 Stages of this year's Tour de France.

Leading our contest as of Rest Day 2 are:

Ken Kriescher 28 points
Darryl Racki 28 points
Ruben Medina 38 points

There are still a lot of mountains to climb in this upcoming last week of the Tour; but if the Tour ended today...

Ken would win because he would have Gerraint Thomas (47th place) as his tiebreaker. Darryl would be next with Tao Goeghan Hart (72nd place) as his tiebreaker.

It should be an exciting last week of the Tour!

Attached is the spreadsheet with the results up to this point.

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